Big Hearts Foundation at the Russian Business Week!

An exciting event for Big Hearts is around the corner!

This February, our Foundation will participate at one of the largest events at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Organised by the LSE Students’ Union Russian Business Society, the Russian Business Week will bring together prominent Russian businessmen, journalists, writers and students to promote awareness of the current affairs in Russia and CIS and the issues in the Russian business world. The Russian Business Week is also a platform to introduce young minds to opportunities in their future career. It is also a unique opportunity for us to spread the word and meet our future volunteers. Among the exclusive guests that will be giving a speech at Russian Business Week, there will be Anna Kogan, the founder of Big Hearts. On the 26th of February, she will talk about her successful career path: her experience as a trader for corporate, government bonds and a charity leader and rescuer of animals in Russia.

Anna Kogan Big Hearts Foundation
Anna Kogan at a shelter in Russia

To help spread the word about Big Hearts, we will also have a stand with our best volunteers offering information on Big Hearts Foundation and answering any questions the public may have. We will also hold an exciting raffle with great prizes ranging from a bottle of champagne to a table at one of the most prestigious London restaurants! Of course, our biggest aim is to expand the number of our invaluable volunteers. We will introduce students to our goals and projects and will help them develop essential professional skills.

A priceless chance to hear what our founder has to share with the community about her amazing path towards saving Russian animals, we hope that this event will attract supporters of our cause that want to know more, new supporters and potentially new volunteers!

Anna Kogan Big Hearts Foundation
See you there!

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