Your opinion is needed

Here at Big Hearts Foundation, what we work to improve is animal welfare in Russia. However, what we also care about immensely is what people think – namely, what they think about the animals we are trying to help and how to change the minds of those that don’t care (yet). It is because of humans that these animals need protection, and it is working with people that we can create an actual change in the situation and, especially, people’s mentality regarding animal welfare.

To do this, looking for information and listening to individual opinions is essential.

Asking for information is another way, and we are going down that path now.

We would appreciate it immensely if you told us what you think about stray animals in Russia, and how you would address the issue. The following questionnaire will take less than 4 minutes to complete and will give us precious insight as to what you think would be the right course of action.

Here you will find the survey and the chance to express your opinion on the serious matter of stray animals in Russia. Once we have gathered as much information as possible, we will publish the results and mould our actions here at the Foundation accordingly.

anoir chafik
Stray puppies by Anoir Chafik




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