Uncovering the Russian Abuser of Infants

At the end of the 1800s, a woman in Barcelona took to kidnapping small children, sometimes as newborns, raising them as her own and forcing them into prostitution as soon as they were able. When they became too old, or if they fell sick, she would kill them and sell ointments and remedies made with… Continue reading Uncovering the Russian Abuser of Infants


Big Hearts Foundation at the Russian Business Week!

An exciting event for Big Hearts is around the corner! This February, our Foundation will participate at one of the largest events at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Organised by the LSE Students’ Union Russian Business Society, the Russian Business Week will bring together prominent Russian businessmen, journalists, writers and students to… Continue reading Big Hearts Foundation at the Russian Business Week!

Stray Animals

One Hundred (and more!) Happy Cats

It’s nearly the holidays! Had you noticed? Have your local stores started stocking up on cards and flickering lights? Have your neighbours engaged in a friendly “who’s got the biggest wreath” competition? They have here! And that’s why we thought of bringing some holiday cheer to all of our supporters, thanking you for your help, sharing and… Continue reading One Hundred (and more!) Happy Cats